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In a house, we can do without several devices, but not a television. Created in 1926 by John Logie, it has undergone an astonishing evolution over the past 90 years. In its early days, television was limited to transmitting moving images in black and white. But over time, in the face of the surprising evolution of new technologies, these devices have seized more features. Today, televisions are even going to incorporate the same features and performance as smartphones and tablets. They embarked, at the same time, a more refined design with an increasingly large and curved screen according to the manufacturer.

There are many brands that have embarked on the design of high tech televisions. Each tries in its own way to make its models more attractive compared to the competitors in order to win the competitive market. Among the giants are Samsung, Philips and TCL. In this buying guide, we are interested in TCL, a brand that for many years has been in the spotlight when it comes to televisions. you can connect this to your Mini laptop also

TCL stands for The Creative Life, is a Chinese brand that was created in 1981. From its inception, the brand specialized in the manufacture of televisions but was satisfied, at the time, to conquer the internal Chinese market. . It was only after a remarkable achievement in 2000 that TCL decided to outsource and export its products internationally. When TCL succeeded in forging a strong notoriety, it will start by buying the big brand Thomson in 2003 and then Alcatel a year later.
Today, the brand is recognized in the production of Smartphones, tablets, GoPro cameras, but televisions remain its flagship product. Moreover, TCL televisions have undergone an undeniable evolution over the years. And now, the brand is displayed as the third largest manufacturer in the field. The secret of TCL's success is certainly based on its ability to meet all the expectations of its large clientele, including:

The design is with this parameter that potential buyers are seduced in the first place. This is the reason why each brand wishes to make a point of honor on this criterion, by offering models with elegant colors. For TCL, the stakes are high. This is why all televisions developed by the brand have colored edges. The idea has borne fruit very well given that the vast majority of televisions offered by the competition only carry black metal edges. However, each user can add a special touch to their interior space with a TCL television. Recently, TCL has also embarked on the design of curved design televisions like Samsung.

The quality
For TCL, the objective is simple: to become the world number one in the field of sales and production of high performance televisions. To do this, the brand relies heavily on quality. This is not only about the design quality but also the display quality and sound. With this in mind, it offers televisions that include screens with LCD LED technology. You will also find models that feature a 4K Ultra HD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 px. For sound, the vast majority of models include a JBL by Harman sound device or even 2 speakers with a 20W output. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a perfect visual as well as sound immersion.

When it comes to innovation, the brand keeps bringing new performance and functionality to its televisions. You will notice for example that the models which have just appeared on the market are smart TVs. They come with an Android TV operating system and have a fairly clean and easy to use interface. However, you can easily transform your TCL TV into an internet navigation platform or even a giant smartphone on which you can download various applications. Some models also have a Google or Alexa voice assistant. As for the processor, TCL Smart TVs have a fairly powerful processor that guarantees latency-free use even for demanding gaming sessions. You can use this while having a best cold therapy machine

Already for installation, the televisions offered by the brand are easy to set up. On the other hand, they are also easy to use. For the vast majority, TCL televisions come with remote controls. The smallest includes a microphone that allows you to easily interact with the Google assistant or Alexa. The larger one allows better management of TV options such as volume, display, different modes, etc.